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Monday, December 22, 2014

42.3.2 Anthony Durnford and Barbara Brabazon Their children Updated

Anthony Dunford and Barbara Brabazon had 5 children

1.Edward William Durnford     b  22 nd Oct 1803  in London and died 30 January 1889 in Hampshire

2.George Anthony Durnford     b  18 Sept 1804  in Kent and died 8 Oct 1856 in Simla East Indies

3.Catherine Jemima Durnford    b  3 Feb 1806   died  8 October 1820 in St John Marylebone

4.Arthur Gifford Durnford          b  14 Jan 1809  Brockhill Surrey  d  22 Dec 1886  Hindolveston

5.Harriet Barbara Durnford         b  9 May 1810 in London  d  2nd May 1885 in York Ontario

1.  Edward William Durnford married Elizabeth Rebecca Langley  b 1804 in Sri Lanka
                                         married  in 1829 at St Johns Church Cardiff    d  28 Jan 1894 in Southend

1.  Edward William Durnford

In 1825 he was nominated a "Candidate for the Corps of Royal Engineers," and joined the Ordnance Survey at Cardiff.  In August 1826, he was posted to Chatham and was gazetted 2nd-Lieutenant in Sept. of the same year.

He joined the Ordnance Survey of Ireland in 1827 and served there until 1842 when he transferred to the English Survey in which he served until 1844.  He was promoted 2nd-Captain in 1841.  In 1845 he embarked for service in China.  In 1849 he served in Scotland until 1855 when he embarked for service in the Crimea. 

He was however, detained at Malta and served there until 1856, when he embarked for Ireland where he was employed upon district duties until 1857, being appointed Assistant Adjutant-General to the Royal Engineers serving there.  In the meantime, he had been promoted to Brevet Major in July 1854 and Lieutenant-Colonel in December of the same year.  

Shortly after his promotion to full Colonel in 1860 he was appointed Commanding Royal Engineer in Ireland, which he held until 1866 when he again embarked for Malta as Commanding Royal Engineer and Colonel on the Staff.  He remained at Malta until his promotion to the rank of Major-General in 1868.  

He was promoted Lieutenant-General in 1874, and in the same year he was gazetted to the rank of Colonel Commandant in the Corps.  He was further promoted to the rank of General on Oct. 1, 1877.

He died a the age of 85 on Jan. 30 1889.  

They had 5 children

1.1  Anthony William Durnford                       24 May 1830 Manor Hamilton Ireland  22 Jan  1879
                                                                              South Africa
1.2.  Edward Congreave Langley Durnford     8 May  1832  -  1927
1.3.  Annabella Barbara Durnford                    19 Mar 1834   Limerick Ireland  -  1884
1.4   Catherine Jemima Durnford                     16 Mar  1836  Killerhrandra Ireland  d  1904  Devon
1.4.  Arthur George Durnford                           9 Aug   1838  -Westport Ireland     1912
1.5.  Harriet Maria Boteler Durnford                1 Mar   1840  -  1916

The family of Edward William Durnford is in a following post 

2.  George Anthony Durnford

Was a Captain in command of 27th Foot went to assist British garrison besieged by Dutch trekboers Port Natal 1842.  At Congella They were boarded Conch in Algoa Bay under Capt William Bell and it took 2 weeks to reach Natal.

The result of this conflict was the end of the Boer Republic of Natalia and the final annexation by Britain of Natal to the Cape Colony followed in 1844.

At the time of Langalibalele's birth, European settlements in Southern Africa were confined to Cape Colony and to Portuguese fortress of Lourenço Marques.In 1824 Fynn established a small British settlement at Port Natal (later to become Durban) but the British Government declined to take possession of the port.

From 1834 onwards, the Voortrekkers (Dutch-speaking farmers) started to migrate from the Cape Colony in large numbers and in 1837 crossed the Drakensberg into KwaZulu-Natal where, after the murder of one of their leaders, Piet Retief, in the massacre at Weenen they defeated Shaka's successor Dingane at the Battle of Blood River, put Mpanda on the Zulu throne and established the republic of Natalia.

 Friction between the Voortrekkers and the Pondo, a tribe whose territory lay between Natalia and the Cape Colony led to the British occupying Port Natal, the subsequent Battle of Congella followed by the siege and relief of the port. After the port had been relieved, the Voortrekkers withdrew from KwaZulu-Natal into the interior and the British established the Colony of Natal.

"Narrative of the Entrance of the 'Conch' at Port Natal" by Capt. William Douglas Bell, printed by the Natal Mercury, Durban 1869.
"Annals of Natal" Vol 1 & 11 : J. Bird   
Rosemary Dixon-Smith, great-great-granddaughter of Captain Bell, first Port Captain of Natal. 

The Durban Old Fort was set up when British forces and Durban inhabitants were beseiged by the Boers in 1842. The Fort commemorates the ride to Grahamstown by Dick King (26 May 1842) to raise relief, has the St Peter in Chains Chapel, formerly the magazine, the Moths Museum and many other historical displays. Regrettably the site is being neglected by the Ethekweni Municipality and some of the exhibits in danger of disappearing.

3. Catherine Jemima Durnford

Catherine was born 3rd February 1806 and baptised 19th February 1809 in Warfield Berkshire in England.  Catherine died 8th October 1820 at St John Marylebone.

Her address was Queen Ann Street London

Special Note:    While researching all the different family lines, there was bound to be some mistakes especially from the information in different genealogy programes, and while it was my aim to update and correct any prior information, the previous information supplied for this Catherine Jemima Durnford actually belonged to her niece, another Catherine Jemima Durnford daughter of Edward William Durnford.  

 This has now been corrected.  Throughout the family lineage there are so many people named exactly the same.

4.  Arthur Gifford Durnford  b  1809 in Brockhill in Surrey.  He became a minister and he married Marianne Wiffen in 1839 in Essex.                                                              

They had 13 children

Anthony Yates Durnford                    1842  -  1843
Marion Durnford                               1842                m Newnham Philpott
James Poole Oates Durnford              1845  -  1919    m Woodward
Sophia Bestard Durnford                   1846  -  1903
Georgina Harriet Pellow Durnford      1848   - 1935 m Thomas Henry Griffinhoofe
Katrine Brabazon Durnford                1849  -  1849
Madeline Durnford                            1850 -  1851
Lucy Isaacson Durnford                     1854 -  1939 m Fletcher Ivens
Kathleen Durnford                             1857
Mable Montague Bockett Durnford     1859    1864
Julia Maude Dunford                         1860  - 1879
Arthur Gifford Durnford                    1864    1864

How sad it is to see the deaths of the young children, very difficult for the parents.

They lived in Hindolveston in Norfolk.  He died December 1886 she died in 1864, possibly in childbirth.

All the children carried interesting middle names.  Usually it is the name of a grandparent or g.ggrandparent, and with these children it has taken some time to work out the connections.

The name Yates is Marianne's Grandmother - Isabelle Yates who married Henry Wiffen
Thier son was Henry Yates Wiffen and he married Elizabeth.  Parents of Marianne.
Going on the surnames, Oates should be the name of Marianne's mother Elizabeth.

Which leave Poole, Pellow and Bestard and Brockett.  There was a habit also in the Durnford's to name their children after famous Military figures.

Bastard and his brother were at Plymouth, and quelled a riot. As well as military they were Members of Parliament.  Pellow was a very strong Military family, being Govern General of India, and in the Navy, Bastard was the godfather of one of the Pellows.

John Halsey Bockett was the son of John Bockett and Martha Halsey John married Rebekah Bradney and  their daughter Frances married Rev Thomas William Barlow, the Prebendary of Bristol
who was the son of William Barlow.

His brother  Sir George Hilaro Barlow married Elizabeth Smith.   They had a large family and the eldest daughter Eliza Harriett Barlow married Pownoll Bastard Pellow the 2nd Count of Exmouth.

The Bocketts were a Quaker Family as was the Wiffen.  Family jigsaw's nothing like them!

The Droits de L’Homme Engagement

On the 13th of January 1797 shortly after midday two British frigates sighted an unidentified French ship off the coast of Brittany.  The frigates, Indefatigable, Captain Sir Edward Pellew, and Amazon, Captain Robert Reynolds, immediately gave chase and by four o’clock in the afternoon observed the ship to be a large vessel with two tiers of guns

January 1797, ranged from eight to twenty-seven, though two of the youngest, Pownoll Pellew and Fleetwood Pellew, the captain’s sons, appear to have been carried on the ships books in order to  reduce the period of active service required before they could sit their lieutenants’ examinations
In the case of the Indefatigable, the young gentlemen were no exception, six were the sons of Pellew’s friends and acquaintances, two were Pellew’s own sons, and one was related to his wife.

5.  Harriet Barbara Durnford born 1810 in London she married Nov 1830 to Capt Charles Gerard King in Chatham England.

Capt Charles Gerard King was born in 1801 in Vella Eas Indies, and he died November 1855 in Istanbul in Turkey.

Their children

Arthur Charles Alpin King        b  1833 in Chatham
Barbara Catherine King            b   1835
Pauline D'Estrade King             b    1839  Drakes Island in England  d  1911 in York Ontario
Florence Harriet Barbara King   b  1840  England  d  1881 Muskoka Ontario  m Rev Joseph Cole
Edward William Durnford King b  1842
Louisa Alice King                     b  1843  Kent
Charles Gerard King                 b  1845   d  1920  Muskoka Canada  m  Priscilla Dangerfield
Georgina Metcalfe King            b 1850  d   1921  Welland Ontario  m  George Rodney Owen

Harriet Barbara Durnford wrote a book 'Letters from Muskoka', by an Emigrant Lady. The book was published in 1878 and is a record of her experiences as a pioneer woman living in the "bush" of Muskoka, Ontario, Canada.

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