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Saturday, November 8, 2014

24. Margaret Rogers and Sir William Creagh - Their children Francis, Margaret, Sarah and Mary Creagh

Margaret Rogers and Sir William Creagh had 4 children:

Francis  Creagh                      1680     d    b 12 Mar 1727 
                                                                      Buried at St Michaels Cornhill London
Margaret Creagh                    1682     d    1732    m  Anthony Isaacson 
Sarah Creagh                          1684     d     1747
Mary Creagh                          1689    d     1732    m   Dominic Archdeacon

Squeezed hard between two modern buildings is St Michael Cornhill, with history dating back to 1055. Burnt down in the fire of 1666 this building dates from about 1722, although some of its magnificent bells date from 1421. 

It is located near Leadenhall Market where the streets are named after the trades that operated there.

Francis Creagh was, in 1705 was according to the Freedom of the City Admission Papers on

6th August 1705 and was apprenticed to Matthew Snablin

This database contains papers associated with application for "Freemen" status. Freeman are: a man who did not have to pay trade taxes and shared in the profits of his borough, a person free of feudal service who had served their apprenticeship and could trade in their own right, and anyone who was a member of a City Guild. Freemen admission papers often contain biographical details about the individual.

He died and was buried on Mar. 12 Francis Creagh ; in the new vault at St Michael's 
Cornhill London

It appears he did not marry.

Margaret Creagh married Anthony Isaacson 

Anthony Isaacson, was Collector of Customs for the Port of Newcastle.  He married Margaret in 1707 at St Bride Church, Fleet Street London

.St Bride's Church is a church in the City of London, England. The building's most recent incarnation was designed by Sir Christopher Wren in 1672 in Fleet Street in the City of London, though Wren's original building was largely gutted by fire during the London Blitz in 1940.

British History Online has many entries regarding Anthony and his work as Collector of Customs of Newcastle port

Margaret and Anthony numerous children, but unfortunately most died very young.

*Frances Isaacson       b  1710    d   1752   She inherited Fenton from her father upon his death.
+Francis  Isaacson       b  1712    d   1713
*Anthony Isaacson      b  1713    d   1765    M  Hannah Arthur      Our Lineage
+William  Isaacson      b  1715    d   1722
*Sarah  Isaacson          b  1717    d    1788   m (her cousin)  Henry Isaacson  
+Anne Isaacson           b   1718    d    1720  
+Elizabeth Isaacson    b    1723    d    1725
*William Isaacson      b    1725    d    1770   m (his cousin)   Jane Isaacson

Their children married their cousins, just to make research even more difficult!

Margaret died in 1732

In 1734 he purchased the property Fenton in Durham, when he died in 1746 the property was left to his eldest daughter.  Perhaps after her mother's death she was his housekeeper.

In 1742 he was the High Sheriff of Northumberland.

In the Gentleman's Magazine and Historical Chronicle 1832 Vol 102 Part 1, a Mr John Bell of Gateshead writes that if anyone is researching Anthony and John Isaacson he would be happy to share the pedigree!

He goes on to say the he is searching for the pedigree of Sir William Creagh, a personal friend of James II!    Friends in high places indeed!

Quite interesting, 201 years later, and with the help of the internet and lots of old manuscripts, those details are now part of our history.

Sarah Creagh  b 1684

Sarah Creagh did not seem to marry and around 1711 she was in London with her brother. 
Sarah died in 1747

Mary Creagh    b  1689

Mary Creagh  was born in 1689 and she married Dominic Archdeacon a merchant from Cork.


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