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Monday, August 25, 2014

1.c.1.g. Jane Holland m William Molyneux son Richard m Ellen Urswick

16 th Great Grandparents   Jane Holland married Sir William Molyneux

Sir William the eldest son of his father. He married Jane, daughter of Sir Robert Holland, and had Sir Richard Molins, or Molyneux

William, eldest son and heir of Sir William, was also a knight and a person of great courage and accomplishments. He distinguished himself at the battle of Navarre, Spain, under Edward the Blaci Prince, and was made a Knight Banneret in 1367. He died at Canterbury, 1372, and was buried there. He left an heir to his estate by Jane, his wife and daughter & coheir to Sir Robert Holland, Knight, by Margaret, daughter of Sir Alan Heyton, Knight.
~The Baronetage of England, Kimble & Johnson, 1771, p. 61

William married Jane Holland, daughter of Sir Robert Holland and Margaret Heyton  (Jane Holland was born about 1338 in England and died before 1372.)

Ellen Beroness zurswickTheir son Sir Richard Molyneaux  married Ellen, daughter of Sir Thomas Urswich, and deceasing 1397, by her (who afterwards married Sir Thomas Savage) had three sons, Richard, Adam and Robert and a daughter Annie
Sir Thomas de Urswick was the Earl of Badsworth and a Knight of Parliament

Sir Thomas Urswick, heir of his brother Robert's moiety of Badsworth, in addition to his own, which he obtained by marriage with Johanna Hertforth, daughter and heiress of Roger Hertforth of Badsworth, was Kinght of Parliment in 1422. In 1417, he filled the office of Justice of Peace.

Two of the offspring of Sir Thomas and Johanna were Robert and Ellen. Robert married Katherine, daughter of Sir Thomas Haryington, of Brierley, and Ellen first wedded to Sir Richard Molineux, son and heir of Sir Richard, Ellen had two sons and three daughter, and became a widow in in 1396. Afterwards, she married to Sir James Hryngton, a younger brother of Sir Thomas of Brierley.

Adam was Bishop of Chester and keeper of the privy-seal in the reign of King Henry VI and was murdered at Portsmouth in 1449. 

Robert married Margaret, daughter of Sir Baldwin le Strange, and left an only child, Edith, who married Adam Troutback, Esq. Whose daughter Margret married Sir John Talbot of Grafton, ancestor by her of the Earl of Shrewsbury and Waterford. 

The son of Sir Richard and Ellen Urswick, Sir Richard  eminently distinguished himself at the battle of Aguncourt, where he was knighted. He married first, Joan, daughter of Sir Gilbert Haydock, of Bradley, widow of Sir Peter Leigh of Lyme, and had eight sons and three daughters;

Sir Richard Molyneux III
Robert Molyneux
Thomas Molyneux         b  1424  d 1491  Married Elizabeth Markham and Catherine Cotton
Peter Molyneux

Joan Haydock another wealthy landlowner from her heritage!       

The manor of HAYDOCK was a dependency or member of the fee of Newton. The first distinct notice of it is in 1168, when Orm de Haydock had paid two out of the 10 marks due from him to the aid for marrying the king's daughter. He granted land called Cayley to the Hospitallers.  His son Alfred took a surname from Ince, in which his demesne lay; and Haydock was divided between Hugh and William de Haydock, who were in possession in 1212. 

Haydock of Haydock. Argent a cross with a fleur-de-lis sable in the first quarter.
The manor was held in moieties from an early time. The later Haydock family  descended from Hugh. William's descendants died or sold their interest in the middle of the 13th century  to Thurstan de Holland, whose son Robert held also, as it seems, a mesne lordship over the whole of Haydock.  This manor descended to the male heirs of Thurstan and his son Sir Robert, and lapsed to the Crown by the forfeiture of Henry, Duke of Exeter, in 1461. 

Hugh de Haydock had a son Gilbert, who married Alice daughter of Matthew de Bold, and received lands in Bold with her. Their son and heir was named Matthew, and in 1286 ten messuages, eight oxgangs and 4 acres of land in Haydock and Bold were settled on Matthew by his father, (fn. 15) and the moiety of the manor of Haydock was granted in 1292. Some other acts of Gilbert's are known; (fn. 17) he seems to have died about 1300. 

Matthew de Haydock lived till about 1322;  a number of his charters are extant, showing that he acquired fresh properties; one of these, in Walton le Dale, he gave to his son Hugh. His son Gilbert succeeded. 

He had a grant of free warren in Haydock and Bradley in 1344; also leave to make a park in Haydock. (By his wife Emma  there was a numerous offspring, but elder sons, named Matthew and Gilbert, seem to have died young,  and the heir to the manor was John de Haydock, who was in possession by 1358. 

He married Joan, daughter of Sir Thomas de Dutton,  and died 12 December 1387, holding the moiety of the manor of Haydock and lands there of Sir John de Holland of Thorpe Watervill in socage by a rent of 17s.; holding also various lands in Newton, Golborne, and Bold

His son and heir Gilbert was thirty years of age. 

 Of Sir Gilbert's children the heir was his daughter Joan, who carried this and other manors to the family of her first husband, Peter de Legh of Lyme in Cheshire. 

She afterwards married Sir Richard de Molyneux of Sefton, and her tomb is in Sefton Church. 

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