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Friday, August 15, 2014

11.c.1.d Stephen Longspee married Emeline de Ridelsford their daughter Ela Longspee

Stephen Longespée was born in 1216. He was the son of William Longespée, 1st Earl of Salisbury and Ela, Countess of Salisbury.

He married Emeline de Ridelsford, daughter of Walter de Ridelsford, between 8 February 1243 and 14 December 1244. He died in 1260. He held the office of Justiciar [Ireland]. and the office of Seneschal of Gascony.  He was the Earl of Ulster, now a title carried as a courtesy title by the son of the Duke of 

 Emeline de Ridelsford was born in 1220. She was the daughter of Walter de Ridelsford. She married Stephen Longespée, son of William Longespée, 1st Earl of Salisbury and Ela, Countess of Salisbury, between 8 February 1243 and 14 December 1244. She died between 18 May 1275 and 19 July 1276.1

Walter de Riddlesford (birth date unknown –1226) was an Anglo-Norman lord granted in Ireland the baronies of Bray, County Wicklow and Kilkea, County Kildare between 1171 and 1176.

De Riddlesford was born in Carriebenan, Kildare, Ireland. He married Amabilis Fitzhenry (born ca. 1150 in Ireland).
He built a motte and bailey fortress on the site of what is now Kilkea Castle in County Kildare in 1181.  

Kilkea Castle is located just 5 km (3.1 mi) northwest of Castledermot, County Kildare, Ireland near the village of Kilkea on the R418 regional road from Athy to Tullow. It was a medieval stronghold of the Fitzgeralds, earls of Kildare.

He died in 1226 and was succeeded by his son Walter de Ridelsford (born 1204 in Salisbury, Wiltshire, England). His granddaughter, Emmeline, married Hugh de Lacy, 1st Earl of Ulster (as his second wife) and, then, Stephen Longespee, grandson of Henry II of England.[Sir Walter de Riddlesford built a motte and bailey castle there in 1181. A grand daughter of his married Maurice Fitzgerald, 3rd baron of Offaly, and so the Manor of Kilkea came into the possession of the Fitzgeralds and was to remain in the family for over 700 years.

Sir Thomas de Rokeby, the Justiciar of Ireland, used the castle as his military base, and died here in 1356.

The castle is particularly, associated with Gerald, the 11th Earl of Kildare known as the "Wizard Earl", who became the male representative of the Geraldines when only twelve years of age after his half brother "Silken Thomas" the 10th earl, was executed at Tyburn in 1537. The "Wizard Earl" was sent to the continent to be educated, and following his return to Kildare his interest in alchemy caused much interest among his neighbours around Kilkea Castle and he was said to possess magic

Stephen and Emeline had two daughters

Ela de Longspee married Sir Roger la Zouche and they had a son Sir Alan La Zouche

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