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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

12. Thomas Molyneux . The end of all the intertwined lineages. He married Catherine de Cotton

Thomas Molyneux married CatherineCotton, and at this point in our Family Tree the line continues without a lot of intertwining.
Catherine was the daughter of John de Cotton and Joanna Fitz Herbert.
She was born in 1460.
Thomas and Catherine their children were
Edmund      bor 1485  m  Jane Cheney
Ellen           born 1491  and she married John Bond.                 Our lineage           
Thomas also married Elizabeth Markham 
St Andrew's Church Cotton
Joanna's father was a member of the House of Commons.

Cotton is a village and civil parish in the Mid Suffolk district of Suffolk in eastern England. Located to the east of the Great Eastern Main Line, the parish also includes the hamlet of Dandy Corner. In 2005 its population was 510.[1]

Notes for Nicholas Fitzherbert and Alice Booth    15th GG

1416 [or 1426] Covenant whereby John Cokayn, knt., Thomas Okover, Aluered de Longeford, esquire, and Thomas Dawkyn, chaplain, agree with John de la Pole de Hertyngdon and Henry de Bothe, esquires, that if Nicholas fil. et her. Henrici Fitzherbert live till he come to full age or shall be married by the said John de la Pole and Henry de Bothe " infra etatem," that the two latter shall pay forty pounds to Alice, Joan, and Elizabeth, sisters of the said Nicholas, for which sum of money the said John, Thomas, Aluered, and Thomas have granted for a term of 15 years to the said John and Henry the manor of Norbury, with the advowson of the church and all the lands which they formerly held of the grant of William Avener and Richard Aunger, clerks; the said manor, etc., to revert at the end of the term to the said Nicholas Fitzherbert and his heirs for ever. Witn. Thomas Lymestre, Henry Knyveton, rector of Norbury, William Boturdon, William Lymestre, Henry Stere. Dat. at Norbury, Fr. b. F. of St. Michael [29 Sept.], 4 Hen. V. [1416]. (Okeover.)

1447 Nicholas Fitzherbert was a member of the House of Commons. "Fitzherbert, (Sir) Nicholas (1410-75); of Norbury; lawyer. M.P. Derbyshire 1447, 1453-4. 

Son and heir of Henry Fitzherbert of the same (dead by 1443), by a daughter of Downes; married (1) Alice, daughter of Henry Bothe of Harlston, Derbyshire, by whom he was the father of Ralph, his son and heir; and (2) Elizabeth Ludlow of Salop

. In 1443 Fitzherbert sued Thomas Okeover and Ralf Bassett of Blore, Staffordshire for destroying the closes on his common land in Norbury; in 1452 he sued John Bothe for the manor of Ash, Derbyshire. Sheriff, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire, 1447-8, 1458-9, 1465-6. 

John Stanhope complained to the Privy Council that Fitzherbert, while sheriff, had been excused payment of £40, Dec. 1455; pardoned on the roll of 28 Feb. 1459 as "of Norbury", Derbyshire, alias of Shrewsbury (m.30); on comns. in Derbyshire from 1461 to 1472 and J.P. and of the quorum, 8 Dec. 1460 till death. 

Apportioner of the subsidy for Derbyshire in 1463; eschr. Salop, 1467-8; elector, Derbyshire, 1467; pardoned 5 Feb. 1472; granted a yearly tun of red wine for expenses in the King's service, May 1475. It is doubtful if he ever was a knight. He disappears from all comns. in 1475, and probably died then; and if he was ever kntd. it must have been June - Oct. 1475." 

So from Knights, our ancestors were also members of the Hose of Commons!

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