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Friday, January 2, 2015 Edward Durnford and Elizabeth Langley Their second daughter Catherine Jemima Durnford

1.4  Catherine Jemima Durnford

Some of the information about Catherine Jemima Durnford was posted to the previous post 42.3.2 by mistake, unfinished,  as the Catherine Jemima Durnford in that post was her Aunt, who died in 1820 in London.

This Catherine Jemima Durnford was born 1836 in Ireland and later lived in Glasgow. 

On 13 July 1854 she married Rev William Cheesborough le Poer MacKenzie Kennedy.     William was the son of Major J MacKenzie-Kennedy.

Signed "Le Poer Kennedy". Also signed "Compiled 14th January 1863 H. K.". Prepared whilst John Mackenzie Kennedy was still living possibly done 1863.

 He was in India, Bombay and Sinde, 21st September 1835

(What a clever man he must have been, he went to Trinity College in Dublin, and while it has taken years to get all the elements of the Isaacson family tree in some sort of fashion, he had almost achieved it 120 years ago)

This information and Ancestry photos from Angus Petrie.

They had three children 

1.   Herbert John Whiteside MacKenzie Kennedy    born  1 Feb 1858  in Ireland  (Feb)
2.   Chessborough Gordon MacKenzie Kennedy            born  3 Oct 1858 in Ireland    (Oct)
3.   Edward Charles William MacKenzie Kennedy         born  6 July 1863

In 1870 she married John William Moore Miller   He had been married to Catherine Bowman in India in 1852, she died in 1869.  He then married Catherine. He died in 1884 in Hampshire

They had a daughter  3.  Lillian Frances Throckmorton Moore Miller 

3.1 Lillian married in 1904 Arthur James Barton at St John's Blackheath, Greenwich  She died in June 1948 in Devon.

1.1  Herbert John Whiteside Mac-Kenzie Kennedy   He was married in 1858 to Sara Bisdee on 26 December 1881 in Agra Bengal in India.  Her father was John Bisdee, of Hutton Park Tasmania.

He died 7 July 1914 in Stonehouse, Gloucestershire.  Sarah died 1934.

Herbert John Whiteside MacKenzie Kennedy  He was a Lieut in 2nd Battalion of the Norfolk (late 9th) Regiment. 



(The current Mayor of Oatlands in Tasmania is Mr. T. Bisdee)

They had 7 children

Daisy Blanche Marion MacKenzie Kennedy     1883  -  1951 m Charles Douglas Roe OBE, DSO,                                                  Lieut Col Indian Army born 1882 in 1883 at Bakloh Puyal India

Ivy Mariette MacKenzie Kennedy                     1885     1955  b in Benares in India
                               died Aug 1955 in Kenya

Kenneth Edward Bisdee MacKenzie Kennedy    1886  -  1958 b  Benares India died in Umkomaas South Africa.  He married Irene Charlotte Montefiore Binsteed in 1912 in London. He was in the military

Winifred Rose Gordon MacKenzie Kennedy    1889  -  1996   b Old Mixon in Somerset m Frank Etheridge MacKenzie in 1906 in India

Violet Maud Emily MacKenzie Kennedy          1891  -  1969  m Walter MacGregor Petrie 1913

John Graeme Bowen MacKenzie Kennedy       1899  -  1922   Born 1899 Mussoorie in India and died 7 August 1922, in Cork.  The time was the start of "The Troubles" as they call it in Ireland.

Sara's family

2.1 Chessborough Gordon MacKenzie Kennedy m 1879 Ethel Helen Slane (widow) in Dhubri West Bengal in India.

He was appointed Deputy-Commissioner in Assam in 1897 and died in 1898 in Nowgong Assam India.     In 1897 there was a huge earthquake in Assam. of the most powerful earthquakes in recorded human history that took place on Saturday, June 12, 1897 in Assam. This earthquake was 50 times more powerful than the tremor that hit San Fransisco.The earthquake left an area of 150,000 square miles (about the size of California) in ruins and was felt over one and a quarter million square miles (about half the size of the United States) from the Western Burmese border to almost near New Delhi.

 Ethel died in 1936 in London

Their children

2.1.1   Francis Emma Margaret Kennedy           1881 In India    She was unmarried and died in Sicily                                                                                                    January 1951
 2.1.2   Sybil Alice Mary MacKenzie Kennedy  1882 In India   She did not marry, but traveled even                                                                                               to  Australia in 1919    Died 1937 London
2.1.3   Mildred Isabel May MacKenzie Kennedy 1885 India  She was unmarried and died 7 th                                                                                                                      October 1944 in London
2.1.4   Chessborough James Henry MacKenzie-Kennedy who was born in 1886

2.1.4 Chessborough Gordon MacKenzie-Kennedy was the first inventor of the giant aircraft, he married  Zinaida Koriakoff in St Petersburg Russia in 1910.  He emigrated to US, in 1939  and was naturalised.  He died in the US in 1942.

Mr Chessborough Henry James Mackenzie-Kennedy 1886-1942 The first inventor of the giant aeroplane , who is sueing the air council 30 December 1925     

The Kennedy Giant was a British biplane heavy bomber designed by Kennedy Aeroplanes Ltd. during the First World War. The design was an imitation of works by Igor Sikorsky, with whom the owner of Kennedy Aeroplanes Ltd., C. J. H. Mackenzie-Kennedy, had ostensibly worked prior to setting up the company. The aeroplane was a notorious failure; its size meant that construction had to take place in an open field as none of the hangars near Hayes, Middlesex, where the prototype was assembled, were large enough to house it. For its weight, the aircraft's four engines were inadequate, and the resulting under-powered aircraft could only fly in a straight line once airborne.

Following the unimpressive test flight, the design was cancelled and the prototype was left derelict at Northolt Aerodrome for a number of years.

Kennedy Giant

  The product of a gifted young man, Chessborough J H Mackenzie-Kennedy, the Giant was of impressive proportions, but of doubtful structural integrity and badly underpowered. As an eighteen-year-old and with three pounds in his pocket, Kennedy had left England for Russia, convinced of aviation's future and, in particular, the potential of very large aeroplanes.

 In 1908 he completed the design of Russia's first aeroplane, and formed the Kennedy Aeronautic Company the following year. Becoming associated with Igor Sikorskii in 1911, he was involved in the design of the first Sikorskii four-engine biplanes before returning to England on the outbreak of war.

Kennedv discussed his ideas for very large aeroplanes with the War Office, by which he was promised support, and established his design office at 102 Cromwell Road, South Kensington, together with T W K Clarke, G C McClaughlin and E A Vessey.

He personally financed the building of the plane, and in 1920, the British Government gave him 115K pounds for the work on his invention.  He was still 100K out of pocket.  He was bankrupted in 1924, according to the newspapers.

However he seemed to bounce back because in 1927, at a Textile Trade Show, he showed his latest invention Garter Skirts.

Talented man, in 1927 at the Trade show, the new garter skirts designed by him, the aircraft inventor were being displayed by graceful mannequins.  Although made differently these skirts were very similar in appearance to the old fasioned bloomers which were worn by women when they first attempted to ride bicycles.  People have an idea that these garter skirts are only for sport wear, he said, but we are showing evening frocks made with this skirt and we are hoping it will be adoped in the ballroom.
Perhaps the skirts were not popular, as ladies fashion was getting a bit daring by then, with flapper skirts.  There doesn't seem to be an image online.!

He and his wife had a son who was born in Petregad Russia 23 March 1911 and died July 1948.  

Chessborough Vladimir James MacKenzie Kennedy was a Charted Mechanical Engineer.

He married Jane McKibbin and they lived in York. 

They had a son Colin Chessborough MacKenzie Kennedy, who died in 2002.

Chessborough and Jane traveled to New York in 1948.  Perhaps they visited his father. Chessborough may have remarried in the US.

This son donated his collection of personal papers to the Leeds University.

This material is held at  GB 206 Leeds University Library
Reference Number(s)  GB 206 MS 1177
Dates of Creation  1890s-1920s, 1940s, 1991
Name of Creator  Mackenzie-Kennedy, Chessborough H. J., 1886-1942
Language of Material  English Russian
Physical Description  166 ff., 2 vols, printed, typescript, photographs, and negatives
Scope and Content

Comprises the personal papers of C.H.J. Mackenzie-Kennedy and his wife Z.Ia. Koriakova, including family-history notes and photographs, together with publications on the former's contribution to Russian aviation
Administrative / Biographical History

Chessborough H. J. Mackenzie-Kennedy (1886-1942) was a member of the British community in pre-revolutionary St Petersburg and an aviation pioneer
Conditions Governing Access

Access is unrestricted
Acquisition Information

The gift of Chessborough V. Mackenzie-Kennedy, August and September 1991, October 1992
Other Finding Aid

A more detailed listing of the contents is available in the Leeds Russian Archive online catalogue

2.3  Edward Charles William MacKenzie Kennedy m Ethel Fuller in September 1888.  Ethel was the daughter of Major Fuller of the 4th Madras Pioneers.   Edward was appointed 1897 as a Major in 1st Madras Pioneers.   (His portrait is in the National Portrait Gallery)

He was made a Companion of the Order of the Bath (CB) in 1910

Military Division

Major-General Gerald Charles Kitson, C.V.O., C.M.G., Quartermaster-General in India.
 Surgeon-General Arthur Thomas Sloggett, C.M.G., Principal Medical Officer, India.
Major-General Edward Charles William Mackenzie-Kennedy, Indian Army, Brigade Commander, Belgaum Brigade.

Edward and Ethel had three children

2.3.1   Henry Charles Donald Cleveland MacKenzie Kennedy  born 1889 in Hastings

Malawi Statehouse
Sir Donald C. Mackenzie-Kennedy (1889 - 1965) was a British colonial administrator who was Governor of Nyasaland between 1939 and 1942, and 25th Governor of Mauritius from 5 July 1942 to 5 December 1948.     (Nyasaland is now known as Malawi)  

In July 1942, Sir Charles Donald Cleveland Mackenzie Kennedy (better known as DMK), will take over the administration of Mauritius. He will bring political change, culminating in the grant of the December 1947  Constitution leading to the general elections of August 1948, which will completely change the political scenario of Mauritius.

In a secret letter to Arthur Creech-Jones, the Secretary of State for the Colonies, dated 2nd August 1948, Governor DMK will write this prophetic note on Dr S. Ramgoolam : « A bitter, dangerous man, determined to break the whites and oust the British, who has considerable influence amongst the Hindus, and of their self-appointed leaders, is the one most likely to obtain ultimate control. I have hopes Dr Ramgoolam will become more moderate with increasing responsibility. »

In 1930, Mackenzie-Kennedy was Chief Secretary of Northern Rhodesia. He was urged to deny the Ndola Welfare Association permission to meet, since mine owner might react unfavorably to an organization such as this being led by civil servants.In June 1935, Mackenzie-Kennedy wrote to Sir Stewart Gore-Browne urging him to stand for election in Broken Hill. He said "Your duty is clear".
In Malawi   20 Mar 1939 -  8 Aug 1942  Sir Henry Charles Donald Cleveland (b. 1889 - d. 1965)

He married Mildred Munday.  He died in 1965, in Natal, South Africa.

2.3.2  Colin George Edmund MacKenzie Kennedy

He was born in India, and then attended Officer Training College in the Navy in Marlborough UK.

He traveled to Canada, and joined the Canadian Military.

#2204634 Spr Colin George Edmund Mckenzie-Kennedy.

He began as a member of a Forestry Reinforcement Draft, North Vancouver. In Hamilton Ont. he was transferred to the 40th Draft Railway Construction and went o/s June 20th/18 on HMT Waimana(?) and disembarked Jul 7/18.

 Next day TOS C.R.T. Depot Purfleet.
SOS CRTD as a/Sgt. on proceeding o/s with 7th Bn Railway Troop 3/9/18.

Reverted too Spr at own request. His service time in France was shortened by illness.
27/01/19 inv sick and posted to CCC Kinmel Park, Knotty Oak nr Liverpool.
Returned to Canada from Liverpool via HMT Scotian 25/03/19.
SOS CEF 9th apr. 1919 in Revelstoke BC bound for home in Salmon Arm

Officer Training College in Navy in MArlborough

2.3.3    Irene MacKenzie Kennedy  born 1891  -  1970

2.3.4    Archibald Gordon MacKenzie Kennedy  born 1904 and lived and died in Kircudbright, (a                                                lovely little town in Scotland on the West Coast) in 1987.

                                   Kircudbright is home to a fishing fleet                 

From Netley Cemetery Records
John Mackenzie KENNEDY Major and Paymaster of the hospital died 16th July 1866 aged 68 and is buried in the cemetery. Service was taken by Chaplain J.A. Crozier.
In Memory Of John Mackenzie KENNEDY
Major and Paymaster
Royal Victoria Hospital
Died 16th July 1866 aged 63
Also his son William Chesborough Le Poer Kennedy
Curate of Dawlish
Died 20th September 1865 aged 29
John Mackenzie Kennedy
Reverend William Chesborough Le Poer Kennedy MA
Major John Mackenzie Kennedy (1798 – 1866), Paymaster for the Royal Victoria Hospital, Netley
John Mackenzie Kennedy served in the army for fifty two years. He was born into a doctor’s family in Inverness on 13th March 1798. He began his duties aged fifteen serving first with His Majesty’s 76th Regiment of Foot, the Immortals, mostly in Canada. His manuscript account was used in the regimental history to tell the story of actions against the United States forces. He became the regimental paymaster in 1828 and after some years in Ireland was posted to St. Lucia in 1834. In 1835 he served in Grenada and Dominica. The following year he was serving in Jamaica and transferred to the His Majesty’s 22nd Regiment of Foot, the Cheshire Regiment, as paymaster. From 1837 to 1840 he was mostly in Ireland. He then went to the Bombay in India before joining General Napier’s campaign to the Scinde. He was awarded the Scinde medal for the action at Hyderabad. After the annihilation of Her Majesty’s 44th Regiment of Foot he transferred to it and served in Ireland whilst the regiment was built up to strength.
He foresaw that he would have to return to India and on account of his wife’s health and her sorrow at the recent death of a son wrote asking for a position on the Staff as paymaster. He worked in this capacity firstly at Maidstone at the cavalry depot, then in Scotland on recruiting duties, and next at Chatham with the Invalid units. His final post was at the Royal Victoria Hospital, Netley where he served as a paymaster until his death in 1866.
He married Emma Georgiana Maryanne Evans, the sister of a fellow regimental officer, Henry Evans, They had two sons Wardlaw Randall Mackenzie Kennedy who joined Her Majesty’s 1st Regiment of Foot, the Royal Regiment, and died young in Antigua and William Chessborough Le Poer Kennedy who took an M. A. at Trinity college Dublin and joined the Church of England, serving as Curate of Dawlish in Devon. He died aged 29 and is buried with his father.
Three of his brothers died whilst serving in the British armies. His younger brother James Scott Kennedy died aged fourteen years at Quatre Bras, as an Ensign of the Royal Regiment, carrying the regimental colours. He posthumously received the Waterloo medal. His eldest brother joined the Honourable East India Company’s Bengal Army serving as Captain in the light cavalry seeing action in the third Mahratta war at Nagpur but died at Mhow in 1822. His other brother Hugh Scott Kennedy joined the Honourable East India Company’s Madras army and served in that Presidency for ten years but died on the voyage home.
From Netley Military Cemetery


  1. Nice stuff sir Donald Mackenzie Kennedy is my great grandfather.

    1. Thanks for that, what a wonderful family. How he did that family tree amazed me!
      Sorry but I have just seen your comments, and am at the moment nearly completed the Bisdee family. Sara's nephew was awarded a VC, and now his cemetery is under threat from a sale. Time to speak for those who cannot speak. Cheers KRis