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Thursday, December 18, 2014

42.1 a Andrew and Jemima Durnford - their son Andrew Durnford His timeline

Jemima and Andrew Durnford had two sons.

Andrew Montagu Isaacson Durnford was baptised 1st January 1774 at St Andrew Holborn London        At the time they were living in London, perhaps at her parent's house,
      in 26 Hatton-Gardens.
26 Hatton-Garden London

Both Andrew and Jemima died in 1798.

The easiest way to try to follow his life is in a timeline.

1798    Parents die

1793    21 August An ensign 3rd Foot Guard    (1793 to 1795
                        3rd Foot served in Flanders under Lt Col Robert Manners)
                        Military Record: Ensign, 3rd Foot Guard (age 20), Aug 21, 1793;
1794      Lieut and a Captain 12 November 1794

1796     Marries Nancy Shea Blake in Westminster London

1803    24 February  Captain- Lieutenant Chasseurs Britanniqoe in
                                  3rd Regiment of Foot Guards

1803    He is mentioned as living with his wife at Berkhampstead in his brothers court trial
1803     February Son Edward Philip last of Barbara's children is born
1803    Capt. & Lt. Col, Feb. 24, 1803
1804    Relationship with Harriet West or Harriet Westwood, going by the name of her daughter

1805    Melton-Mowbray, Leicestershire, Commission Agent 
1805     Melton Mowbray Leicestershire First son with Harriet,  Frederick Andrew born

1807     Sold out his commission, July 23, 1807

1807     Rothbury Northumberland  2nd son with Harriet born  William George Durnford

1811     The decision about his inheritance is confirmed, there is none.
        House of Lords Volume 51 matter taken to High Court refused  no inheritance!

1811     Supposed birth for a Harriett Dunford, cannot prove this, there is a  Harriet                                                             born 1st March 1811  St Mary's Pembrokeshire

1812     To be an Ensign Andrew Montagu Isaacson Durnford Gent without purchase, vice                            Klofverskold, who resigns.
                (1811 Ensign Klofverskold of the 60th Foot is superseded, being absent without Leave)

1813      Ashbourne Derby Derbyshire  2nd daughter born Eliza Durnford

1818       Peckham London 4th son Alfred Charles Durnford born bap St Giles Camberwell
1819        Records as National Achives for service 1812 - 1819
1820        Bermondsey Surrey  3rd daughter Charlotte Louisa Westwood Durnford born

1820         Ensign 60th Foot Guard,                                 May 18, 1820;
1820         Ensign 2nd Reserve Veterans Batt,                 June 15, 1820
1820        Residence given as Waltham Cross in 1820
1820        Residence  Worchster

1821        Retired full pay, June 25, 1821.

1822       September placed on the retired list being certified unfit for further service
                                 Ensign AMI Durnford of the 1st Royal Veteran Battalion

1823     Harriet Woodward born 1789 dies aged 34, 28th May 1823
                                         Potterspury Northhampshire

1824         Devon -  London Gazette 17 February 1824, at The Castle of Exeter in the County of                          Devon  Bankruptcy hearing.  
1824        Dec marries Mary Hadley at West Iisley Berkshire

                     It is situated in the West Berkshire district north of the town of Newbury on the                                      Berkshire Downs. .

1828      Records for 3rd Foot Guards 1828 at the National Archives

1828       Newport  Monmouth Wales  Amelia daughter of Mary Hadley born
1830       Kidderminster Worchestershire

1831    Dec at 9 Charles St S James Sq London son Montagu born then in
1832     25 Jan  Carlisle in Cumberland he was baptised St Cuthberts
1832     London Gazette 24 August 1832 Now Lieut in 3rd Regiment
1834     Ludlow in Shropshire  son born
1836      Daughter Sarah born
1839     16 Sept Hertfordshire at Berkhamstead young son born Mary died in childbirth
1841      Living in Windmill Lane St Gilles Camberwell Surrey  with Eliza 16 - HW  Charlotte                                  1827  Amelia 1829 Caroline 1831 Montagu 1832 Sarah 1836
1848      Canal St Wolverhampton, with members of Mary Hadley's family
1848      Writes a letter regarding his bad fortunes to the Chelmsford Chronicle
                    The City of Chelmsford is a local government district in Essex, England. It is named after its main                           settlement, Chelmsford, which is also the county town of Essex

1851       Carnforth Lodge Lancashire England with son and three daughters

1851       Court charges for fraud with his son, Montagu   spent time in Preston Castle prison but                    was acquitted.

1857       His pension turned over to Sir. W. Kirkland in 1857 on certificate of incapacity.Andrew              was a Lt. Colonel in the third Foot Guards or King's personal regiment

1858       9 Napier Villas, Woolwich Road Woolwich.Death

16 July 1858 ‎(Age 85)‎ disease of the brain, Infirmitas Aetatis Greenwich  , Kent, England

Cause of death: disease of the brain, Infirmitas Aetatis

He also lived in the following locations:

Andrew Montagu Isaacson Durnford, first of Great Berkhampstead, Herts, Captain 3d Foot Guards

He must have lived in the following towns up until 1824, as they are listed in his bankruptcy.

 Great Baddow, Essex, of Upper Seymour-Street, Middlesex of Sunning-Hill, Berks, of Aldborough, Suffolk, of Bracknel, Berks, of Rochester, Kent, Lieutenant-Colonel 3d Foot Guards, then of Southampton, Hants,  of Lymington, Hants, then  of Beaconsfield, Bucks, then of Barmouth, North Wales, and then of Musselburgh, North Britain, Gentleman, of Nottingham, and of Somer's Town, Middlesex, of Maidenhead, Berks, of Peckham, Surrey, of  Cheshunt, Herts, Gentleman,

This has to be after 1833
      then on service in Ireland, then of Carmarthen, South Wales, then on service in Ireland, then of Bideford, Devon, and late of Great Torrington, Devon,
       Ensign late 2d Royal Veteran Battalion.

Something to ponder!

     1848 7 September - North Devon Journal Caution to the Charitable - A swindler who assumes the name of Col Linton of Elliott Hall Holdsworth professes to be collecting pecuniary aid for a distressed widow named Mary Durnford.  His applications are supported by pretend signatures, contributions and recommndatory letters from private individuals.  Suspicion having arisen as to the genuineness of some of thes documents, and examination had been instituted and has disclosed a series of artful forgeries

I     In 1848 there was a trial against the Vicar of Thaxted, for assaulting Marian the wife of Rev Thomas Harvey, the curate, over a disagreement of who owned what in the house.  The witness was in company with Col Durnford, Mr Harvey and Mr Barns, when the defendant became very rude. Col Durnford stated he resided at Thaxted wih the Harvey's and he corroborated Mrs Harvey's evidence.


And from his own hand, a letter he wrote explaining his circumstances

      1848  Letter to the Editor of the Chelmsford Chronicle   18 February 1848

      Sir, in reading this morning the account given in your .. Essex Herald of the rabble meeting which took place in the town on Friday last, to express their ..for the Rev Mr Jee and the abuse directed against me, in consequence of being a witness to the trial  I hope you will do me the favour to give a place in your columns for the following history of my life, and my explanation of the causes of an officer of high rank in the army being in reduced circumstances:

     My father, the late Lieut Col Andrew Durnford of the Royal engineers purchased me an Ensigney in the ...regiment of Foot Guards in the year 1793, for which he paid 950 pound; in the year 1794 I obtained my Lieutenancy in the regiment and the rank of Captain ...and in the year 1803 the Captain-Lieutenancy of the regiment, together with the rank of Lieut Colonel. 

       In the year 1804 I obtained my in the Guards, of course retaining the same..for four years, but in 1807, from adverse circumstances together and in consequence of an in...will in the family, I lost my maternal estate of Felton near Wooler in the county of Northumberland.

       I sold out of the army, being allowed by his .Royal Highness he Duke of York to sell a Lieutenancy as well as the Ensigney my father purchased for me and the regiment gave me on thousand pounds for the step. 

      After some time I applied to his late Royal Highness the Duke of York to whom I had been ....for fourteen years and had served under him in,    ..and he was graciously pleased to recommend to the Prince Regent, and I was gazetted... work.  I have been twice since on duty in.... and my services were duly appreciated.   I hope you will do me the favour to give publicity to the ...of my present position in life, when so ...attacked, in so scurrilous a manner, by a low this town.  

      Col. Durnford!

       Our poor Great grandfather, he had a bit of a hard time in his life, joined the Army, after his father purchased his commission, became an Ensign, and retired, but this is really a gem.
      It is a copy of his Military Record, suitably notated, "lunatic to the end".

  He was a Lieutenant and Captain in the Third Regiment of Foot Guards

 In 1848 he featured in Court on behalf the defendant in a trial. He seemed to have a bit of a reputation as he soon became the  laughing stock of the court.

 That prompted him to write a reply.



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