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Friday, July 25, 2014

2. Direct Lineage of from the Goths to Montagu John Felton Durnford

Do You Have Any Idea of Just Who You Are?

There are not many families that can trace their family history back two thousand years, but we can.

If you are related to Montague John Felton Durnsford, my great great grandfather, who was born 1832 and died 1901, then this story is all about his ancestors, from his father Andrew Montague Isaacson Durnford, born 1773 to 1867.

Like many families of the day, they often called their children generational family names, but I wonder if they had any idea of the history of those familiar names. 

The Isaacson family can trace its beginnings to Jat Geata Geatwa Great Gaut Geot Goths born in the year 40 in Asgard in Norway.  So that means that we are descended from the Vikings. 
A lot of people probably are, but it is just lucky that with the sources available by the internet and genealogy websites, such as, that the history can be traced so far.

I have been completely overwhelmed by the information that has been available, and can only thank those researchers who have done so much to gather the information.  I have spent a lot of time on Wikipedia, to clarify the historical stories of the ancestors. 

Where possible I have included excerpts of those stories, and would encourage you to have a look yourselves, in order to fully appreciate the era that they lived in.

In travelling through the centuries, the ancestors have crossed paths with the British Royal Family,
Kings and Queens of France, and Italy, ancient Kings in England, all through William the Conqueror.

Sometimes the names of a spouse or mother might be missing, and believe me there were so many ancestors born illegitimately, yet in Bernard’s case he still became the King of Italy.

 The men had mistresses, or concubines, as was the way of the world.  Even King James I had a mistress, and his child forms part of our family tree.

Our ancestors are often to be found in some of the most beautiful Cathedrals.

Along the way there are interesting stories to tell, and places to go. 

But unlike the childhood television favourite  "ABC Kids" this is real.

Trying to put together a family tree that spans 59 great grandfathers is not easy.

No doubt there will be some references which prove to be incorrect especially in the very olden days, where record keeping was not something that happened.

To try to make some sense into my research, I decided to put it into a format that will provide my family with a history lesson, as well as being able to learn some astonishing facts about our ancestors.

But by far the most interesting thing that I have done in my research, was to actually walk in the ancestors footsteps.  We did that for three months from April to July 2014.

To see where they lived, fought battles, died, and contributed to the fabric of English history was simply amazing.

Planning our trip took 6 months or more, but the whole experience was made all the more richer by having purpose and meaning when we visited many Cathedrals, museums, and displays.  

One such experience was in the Coventry Guildhall.  I knew we had a great grandfather John Bond.  But with such a name I never thought I would find out very much, but here I was in the very room and in the very seat that he would have sat in when we was a member of the Town Council over 400 years ago.


Jat Geata Geatwa Great Gaut Geot Goths (40 –                     59th G.Grandfather
Hemul Hermana Helmut Goths          (60 –
Augis Aragis King of the Eastern Goths  (80 – 120)
Son of Hemul Hermana Helmut
Amal Amala King of the Goths (110 –
Son of Augis Aragis King of the Eastern Goths
Hisarna of the Gotsh Gauti (140 –
Son of Amal Amala King of the Goths
Ostrogotha King of the Ostrogoths (171 – 250)
Son of Hisana of the Goths Gauti
Huneil King of the Ostroths ( 213 – 295)
Son of Ostrogotha King of the Ostrogoths
King Athel Athal D Ostrogothie (240 – 295)
Son of Huneil King of the Ostrogoths)
King Achiulf Achwlf D Ostrogothie  (258 – 290)
Son of King Athel Athal
Wultulf D Ostrogothie (287 – 378)
Son of King Achiulf Achwlf
Waldaravans D Ostrogothie (360 – 409)
Son of Wultulf
Amalaberge D Ostrogothie (385 – 433)
Daughter of Waldaravans
Basine De Saxe  (415 – 438)  
Daughter of Amalaberge
Basina von Thuringa Franks (438 – 511)
Daughter of Basine and wife of Childeric 1st Merovech King de Burgundy and of
King Bisinus of Thuringen von Thuringen 11          (46 g.grandmother)
Clovis or Chlodovech Merovingien King of Salian Franks (466 – 511)
Son of Basina von Thuringa

Clotaire I Old Franks (497 – 561)     44th great grandfather)
Son of Clovis King of Salian Franks

                                               Charibert I King of Paris  (520 – 567) 
                                                                       Son of Clotaire I

Aldeberge Blithilde Queen of Kent (539 – 612)  
Daughter of Charibert I

Arnoldus de Saxony (Bishop of Metz) (560 – 601) 
Son of Aldeberge Blithilde

          Saint Itta of Metz (592 – 652) (Married Pepin of Landen)      
Daughter of Arnoldus

                           Saint Begga of Landen (615 – 693)
Daughter of Saint Itta (Married Ansegisel Metz Mayor de Heristel)  (41 GG)

Pepin Karl Martel Mayor Palace D ‘Heristal  (635 – 714) 
Son of Saint Begga

Charles/Karl “Mayor of the Palace” in Austrasia Martel (688 – 741)
Son of Pepin Karl Martel Mayor Palace

Aldana Duchess Gerniud de Austrasia Mainz Mayence  (715 – 730)
Daughter of Charles/Karl “Mayor of the Palace” in Austrasia

William of Gellone Count of Toulouse (730 -779)   Son of Duchess Gemiud de Austrasia

Hildegarde de Vinzau Queen of Italy  (758 – 783)
Daughter of William of Gellone   married Charlemagne King of France
 Charles the Great
Pepin I Carloman of Italy (777 – 810)  Son of Hildegarde von Vinzau

         King Bernard of Italy (797 – 818)  Son of Peppin I Carloman of Italy
Count Pepin II Quentin Vermandois Lord Peronne Pepin (817 – 840)
Son of King Bernard of Italy

Count Pepin de Valois De Senlis (846 – 893)  
Son of Pepin Quentin Vermandois Lord Peronne

Cunigunda Gerunde Duchess De Rennes 
Daughter of Count Pepin de Senlis de Valois

Poppa de Bayeux De Senlis De Duchess Normandy ( - 1034) 
Daughter of Cunigunda Gerunde

Ranulph Viscount Dayeux de Briquessart Meschines (1021 – 1089)
Son of Poppa de Bayeux De Senlis De Duchess Normandy

Ranulph de Bayeux Meschines ( 1046 – 1118) 
Son of Ranulph Viscount de Bayeux

Ranulph de Briquessart of Meschines (1070 – 1129) 
Son of Ranulph de Bayeux Meschines

Ranulph de Gernon Le Meschines (1099 – 1153 
Son of Ranulph de Briquessart Meschines

Hugh Fifth Earl of Chester de Kevelioc (1147 – 1181) 
Son of Ranulph de Gernon le Meschines

Beatrix Kevelioc of Chester de Meschines  (1170 – 1247)
 Daughter of Hugh (23 GG)

David Le Clerc de Malpas (1185 – 1252) 
Son of Beatrix Kevelioc

Idonea de Malpas (1238 – 1295)   
Daughter of David Le Clerc

Katherin De Pierre (1266 – 1290) Thornton Cheshire England
 Daughter of Idonea de Malpas

Sir Peter Thornton (1290 – 1358)  Thornton Cheshire England 
 Son of Katherine de Pierre

Ellen Thornton (1316 – 1389) Thornton Cheshire England 
Daughter of Sir Peter Thornton

Joanna De Dutton (1335 - ) Runcorn Cheshire England
 Daughter of Ellen Thornton

Sir King Gilbert Haydock (1366 – 1425)  Bradley Lancashire England 
Son of Joanna De Dutton

Joan Haydock (1387 – 1440) Lancashire Endean    
Daughter of Sir King Gilbert

Thomas Molyneux (1424 – 1491) Nottinghamshire England
Son of Joan Haydock

Ellen Molyneux (1490 – 1551) Nottinghamshire England
Daughter of Thomas Molyneux

Mary Bond (1514 – 1611) Little, Leicester, Warwickshire England  
Daughter of Ellen Molyneux

Robert Herrick (1540 – 1618) Leicester, Leicestershire England
Son of Mary Bond

Ruth Herrick (1573 – 1638) Leicestershire, England 
Daughter of Robert Herrick

John Rogers (1601 - ) Newcastle, Northumberland England
 Son of Ruth Herrick

John Rogers First (1627 – 1684) 
Son of John Rogers (Captain)

Mary Rogers (2) (1655 - ) 
Daughter of John Rogers 1
Margaret Creagh (1682 – 1732) Newcastle, Northumberland, England
Daughter of Mary Rogers

Anthony Isaacson ( 1713 – 1765)    
Son of Margaret Creagh  

Jemima Margaret Isaacson (1741 – 1798) London  
Daughter of Anthony Isaacson

Andrew Montague Isaacson Durnford (1773 – 1867) London
Son of Jemima Margaret Isaacson

Montague John Felton Durnford (1832 – 1901) Somerset England
Son of Andrew Montague Isaacson Durnford


While the above list of great grandparents follows a direct line of the Durnford family, there are countless numbers of additional great grandparents not listed, as each level of grandparent adds another 4 to the linage and so it expands.

It is very interesting to take one particular person and then to research their individual ancestors, the more that can be found out about them, the more they become more real. 

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