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Thursday, July 24, 2014

18th Great grandparents Maud la Zouche Our links to the War of Roses

Our Links to The War of Roses a most Historic Event in England's past.

Our 18th Great Grandparents were    Robert de Holland and Maud La Zouche.

Robert and Maude had 9 children.  
Our line runs through their son Robert De Holland and Margaret de Hetton.

King Richard III
King Richard III's line runs through their son Thomas De Holland Earl of Kent and his marriage to Joan of Kent.     
Joan of Kent

Joan married twice, once to Thomas de Holland and secondly to King Edward IV (The Black Prince)

Through this marriage she had a son King Richard II.  She was then the mother and mother in law of two Kings.

Thomas and Joan had a daughter Joan de Holland who married   King Edward III.

Phillipa of Hainault
King Edward III

 King Edward married three times, and through his marriage to Phillipa of Hainault he  had several sons .

·               Edward the Black Prince   who married Joan of Kent.
·                                                  They had  Thomas Holland 2nd Earl of Kent and 
                                                King Richard II 
King Richard II
Edward the Black Prince

Joan of Kent

Blanche of Lancaster
John Beauford
John Beauford of Gaunt Duke of Aquitane 1st Duke of Lancaster King of Castile who married Blanche of Lancaster
                           and whose son was King Henry IV.

King Henry IV
He married  Mary de Bohun and his son was King Henry V
Margaret de Bohun and King Henry IV

King Henry VI
King Henry V
    King Henry V married Catherine of France and their son was King Henry VI  

Catherine of France

Isabelle of Catille

Edmund of Langley
                   Edmund of Langley married Isabelle of Castille.  
              Their son was Richard 3rd Earl of Cambridge

Richard Earl of Cambridge
 Richard Earl of Cambridge was married to Anne de Mortimer. 
Anne de Mortimer

They had a son Richard 3rd Duke of York.

Richard 3rd Duke of York married Cecily Neville

and they had several children:
       ·         King Edward IV
       ·         George I Duke of Clarence
       ·         King Richard III King of England
       ·         Elizabeth of York Duchess of Sussex
       ·         Ann of York Duchess of Exeter
·                        Margaret of York Duchess of Burgundy

Now to follow Elizabeth of York's ancestors

Richard the Duke of York was the son of Edmund de Langley and Isabel of Castile.

King Edward IV was the son of Richard the Duke of York and Cecily Neville

King Edward IV married Elizabeth Woodville.  she was originally his mistress but they later married.

They had a son Henry V who was deemed illegitimate  and ineligible to be King.

They also had a daughter Elizabeth of York.  Elizabeth married King Henry VII

Her links follow back to our 18th great grandparents.

And to follow King Henry VII's ancestors:

On his paternal side:

Catherine of France was the daughter of King Charles V of France and his wife Isabelle Princess of Bavaria.  Through Catherine he had lineage through the French Kings.

Edmund Tudor was the son of Catherine of France and Sir Owen Tudor.

 Catherine also married King Henry V father of King Henry VI who married Margaret of Anjou

King Henry VII was the son of Edmund Tudor and Lady Margaret Beaufort  He was born in Pembroke Castle Wales.

On his maternal side:

Lady Margaret Beaufort was the daughter of John Beaufort  1st Duke of Somerset and Margaret Beauchamp
John Beaufort 1st Duke of Somerset was  the son of John Beaufort 1st Earl of Somerset and 
                      Margaret Holland

John Beaufort 1st Earl of Somerset was the son of John of Gaunt 1st Duke of Lancaster and Katherine Swynford

Margaret Holland as the daughter of Thomas Holland 2nd Earl of Kent and Lady Alice Fitzalan

Thomas Holland was the son of Thomas Holland 1st Earl of Kent and Joan of Kent
Lady Alice Fitzalan was the daughter of Richard Fitzallen 10th Earl of Arundel and Eleanor of Lancaster.

Thomas de Holland 1st Earl of Kent was the son of Robert de Holland and Maud la Zouche!

The proof of our relationship with both sides who fought in the War of the Roses.

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